I used this item i got from ensogo at an affordable price to make my lashes fuller:

Happy paris eyelash growth, 699php at ensogo. Orig price 4k++

It promises blacker, longer, fuller eyelashes in 7 days. After seven days of waiting, here’s what i got.


I don’t have fuller eyelashes but i can say that i can spot the difference on my eyelashes from day 1 to day 7.

Day 1 to day 2

Day 3 and day 4

Day 7

Spot the difference!

Day 1 and day 7

I should say there’s a big difference. It’s now thicker and blacker, maybe longer, but i don’t see the same results as seen on the advertisement of the product. Good thing i got this at an affordable price. I think if i continue to use it, i will get the eyelash that i want, but the thing is, the package is small, i’m already running out of the liquid inside the bottle and thinking if i will buy another bottle is really giving me a dillema.